Meet your coach, Nicki


A Little About Me

For over 20 years I have worked as both a hair stylist and a dental hygienist. Both careers have allowed me to build a strong foundation as a life coach. Working in such a personal space with clients over the years has taught me humility, patience, empathy, perspective, and the skill of really listening to what someone is saying.  The stories, struggles and successes shared with me over the years helped me maintain a positive perspective through my own life journey so far.

I am, like many, a child of a broken home. I grew up in a strained environment and lived with my father and two brothers. There was abuse, addictions, fighting, distrust and toxicity all throughout my childhood. Yet I was also blessed to have some stability amongst chaos. I am blessed to have an amazing extended family, and blessed to have been born with grit and determination to follow my own path. I am where I am today because I choose to focus on my blessings versus my hardships.

I married quite young. My now ex-husband hid many secrets from me for years--having a baby, debt, running drugs, having a lengthy affair, hiding $100,000 ,and never holding a steady job. The list could go on, but that’s behind me. My ten year marriage was a major time of growth for me. I learned the lesson of self-worth. I mattered and I was worthy of happiness. So, that is what I gifted myself, on my thirtieth birthday. I chose the gift of finding MY happy. 

Ten years later I am still going strong, creating the life I want (and that I deserve), so whatever your background is, I can help you do the same. I am creating a life with the man that I love, trust and deeply respect. We are creating the life we want our children to enjoy. Advocating for our autistic son and guiding our strong willed daughter through these young, vulnerable, precious years is both a challenge and a gift.

I make  a conscious effort every day to embrace the journey of life as it twists and turns.

I have found peace and strength throughout the years. I feel that my life experiences allow me to look within others without judgement and help guide them toward wholeness, joy, and fulfillment. Life coaching has been an organic career path for me and it ignites my passion to help others on a daily basis. 

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